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Reporting Requirements

Congratulations!  We are pleased to support our grantees in their efforts.  Grant reports are due annually and are to be submitted with requests for further funding or as a final report should the grantee not seek further funding.  Reports should include the following:

  •  A short executive summary of this report, not to exceed three pages.

  • Outline the specific project and budgetary purposes for which the Filene Foundation grant was spent and enclose the following:

    • a copy of your most recent financial statements;

    • a full accounting of all funds allocated to this project; and

    • any other material you feel is pertinent.

  • Re-state your goals for this project and provide your own appraisal of the results achieved with the Filene Foundation grant, including progress toward your goals. Have there been any significant revisions? Are things generally on schedule? What has been accomplished?

  • The goals of the Filene Foundation are to enable those who are disadvantaged in various ways to help themselves and others, to reduce social conflicts and create harmonious communities, to encourage informed civic participation on local, state and regional levels, and to promote participation in the performing arts. Please describe what your experience has been in furthering the Foundation's goals.
  • In carrying out this grant, what have been the major developments, including unexpected difficulties or opportunities? Have you gained special insights or experience that would be useful to the Foundation or to others?
  • To your knowledge, has the Foundation's grant led to giving by others for this project?
  • The Filene Foundation supports the principles of public accountability and communication. What have been your efforts and results in bringing this project to the attention of appropriate "publics," such as other organizations who might be interested in replication, government officials, decision-makers, the media, etc.?
  • Finally, we appreciate your help in improving our grantmaking and our understanding of community needs and problems. We welcome any additional comments you wish to make.
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